Who is John Calipari’s best guard to date?

John Wall

From BleacherReport.com:  “From his 1995-1996 Final Four team through his current position at Kentucky, John Calipari, an easily dislikeable and shady coach with ties to figures like World Wide Wes, has been “recruiting,” top talent, most of whom are one-and-done players that ditch college early in order to play professional basketball. But I’m not here to rant about the sketchy, sneaky methods of Coach Cal, or how the one-and-done mentality of most top recruits is ruining college basketball. I’m here to talk about a few of the superstars that Calipari coached, three guards in particular whose careers seem to demonstrate his abilities: Chicago Bull Derrick Rose, Sacramento King Tyreke Evans, and soon-to-be Wizard John Wall. Both Rose and Evans won Rookie of the Year in their debut seasons, and there is a good chance that may be able to continue the legacy of All-Star caliber point guards. But of the three, which one is the best?”

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