Notable NBA matchups between former Cats

Assuming that the will play this season, here are some notable personal matchups that you can look forward too:

November 25 (Detroit), February 22 (Washington)

Eric Bledsoe vs.
Dec. 16 (Detroit), March 18 (Los Angeles)

vs.  Enes Kanter
Nov. 23 (Sacramento), Jan. 30 (Utah), March 22 (Sacramento)

Nov. 21 (Sacramento), Jan. 16 (New York)

Patrick Patterson/ vs. Enes Kanter
Nov. 1 (Season opener in Utah), Nov. 5 (Houston), Dec. 28 (Utah), April 4 (Houston)

Patrick Patterson/ vs.
Jan. 9 (New York), Jan. 28 (Houston)

And if you’re interested in traveling to Indy to watch former Cats play, you’ll want to check the following schedule.