Terrence Jones’ light comes on; Kyle Wiltjer impresses Kevin Durant and other quotes from today

Kyle Wiltjer

Jerry Tipton attended the Tip-Off Luncheon today and blogged a whole bunch of great nuggets from the event, which you can find in whole context here.  Here’s a rundown of Calipari quotes:


freshman made a good impression on NBA superstar Kevin Durant, Coach said on Wednesday.  “That kid can play,” Calipari said he was told by Durant.


“A light went on and he wants this and he’s chasing it,” Calipari said of Terrence Jones. “He wants to be special.”


“I’ll be disappointed if we win the national championship and no one is drafted.”  The crowd remained silent.


“My vision is at the end of the year, we’ll be on one of those teams up at bat slugging it out (for a national championship).”


The players want a national championship:  “More I’m around the kids, the more I realize they really want this.”


Calipari said that during the process expressed a desire to play shooting guard.  Not wanting to lose the prospect, Calipari agreed.  Then the coach added, “I want you to know we post up our shooting guards a lot.”


On Michael Kidd-Gilchrist:  “If you thought DeAndre played hard, wait till you see this guy.”He noted that Kidd-Gilchrist had blocked seven shots in a practice.


welcomes coaching:  “When I talk to him, he’s zeroed in on me,” Calipari said. “Whatever I say, he does.”