Calipari implementing more ‘random’ offensive style

Marquis Teague and John Calipari - photo by Britney McIntish | UKAthletics.comFrom Calipari’s press conference today pre-Portland:  ““As I watched the tape of the last game we just have to get better offensively. We turned it over a bunch and played almost confused at points. This is a team that probably needs to play a little more random based on the fact that when you run plays in most cases you are trying to hide a guy or two. When you don’t have to hide one player on the court, the more random you can play the better. Secondly, it forces teams to have to use two defenders to stop a player, now you have advantages. I’m not saying we won’t, but this is a team that should in transition, should on made goals and there should be a lot of random play including against zones so we have been working on that a little bit. It takes a few strings out of my hand but so does the dribble drive. When I say random, a lot of it would be dribble drive, pick and roll, movement against the zone, attacking from
the movement and spacing. It takes a lot more teaching in practice but it’s something I think this team should be doing more of. Dribble drive is random. Prior to the dribble drive when I coached I had 10 strings in my hand that I had to hold and after that I had about six. Now I had six strings and a lot of it was in their hands. You’re still coaching them; they understand what they are supposed to do.”