Trouble with Rajon Rondo led Ray Allen to Miami Heat

Rajon Rondo and Ray Allen
and Ray Allen

The opportunity to play with the game’s best, call home and contend for another championship would be enough for many to consider joining the Miami Heat, but for veteran Ray Allen, there were apparently other factors at play.  For all the past indignities – real or imagined – Rondo was the issue that hadn’t gone away, that would still be there come training camp. They don’t like each other, and it had become a bigger and bigger drag on Allen, sources said. Each had culpability for why things had gone awry, and yet each was better on the court because he had played with the other.  Rondo has had a polarizing impact within the Celtics’ locker room, and his relationships with teammates and coaches have fluctuated over the years. Allen and Rondo never had arguments this year, never got into it. In fact, one source said: “Ray mostly ignored him.” After the season, Rivers tried his best to mend the relationship between Rondo and Allen – make it manageable on some level. And yet, as one source with direct knowledge of the coach’s efforts said, the relationship was “too far gone.”


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