At age 20 Enes Kanter is already one of the strongest NBA players

Enes Kanter

The have a logjam with their big men, they have the hardworking scrapper, the point-scoring center, the fan favorite with potential, the dunk champ and the unknown enigma from Turkey.  The Jazz drafted the Turkish with the third pick in last years draft. There was not much known about him and this summer he is changing that with an amazing social media run.  The 20-year-old is the fourth big man and is still a bit of an unknown even to the media. He is always the first player out of the locker room. He is showered and dressed often before the media members get a chance to talk to him.  His summer started with what might be the greatest basketball intro ever with his thank you to the and mic drop in the last regular season game last year. Last year he was quiet, but the team, especially Al Jefferson, had him break out of his shell.


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