James Young says he could coexist with Wiggins, Harrison Twins at Kentucky

James Young

 would have no problem co-existing with Andrew Wiggins,  and theHarrison Twins should all — or some — of them end up at Kentucky.  That’s what his Godfather, Sean Mahone, told SNY.tv, during an extensive phone interview Friday afternoon.  “Yeah, yeah absolutely,” Mahone said.  “You play with Wiggins, you play with the Harrison twins, you play with Julius Randle, I would envision an up-and-down game and an opportunity for people who pose a threat from the outside to be able to given that opportunity. Simultaneously, if you have an opportunity to get to the bucket and create some things, I think it just presents a very interesting scenario, I really do.”  The Harrison Twins just cut their list to three schools and are likely to choose between and Maryland. They are due to announce Oct. 29.


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