Ryan Harrow benefited from battles with Teague

Ryan Harrow - photo by Britney McIntosh | UK Athletics
Ryan Harrow – photo by Britney McIntosh | Athletics

There simply aren’t many Kentucky who have seen Ryan Harrow play a basketball game. The transfer may have played a season of college basketball, but most faithful have learned about Harrow’s game the same way they got to know his point-guard predecessors before their first games: high-school and AAU highlight videos.  A search of Harrow’s name on yields dozens of videos showcasing “insane handles” and “sick dunks.” Based on that snapshot of his game, it’s natural to conclude that Harrow will be making plenty of SportsCenter Top 10-worthy plays when he finally suits up as a Wildcat.  With that day now barely a month away, is looking for something else entirely out of his new lead guard, something far simpler.  “The thing I said about Ryan is I want Ryan to be the best layup shooter in the (Southeastern Conference),” Calipari said.


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