Future Cat Derek Willis has never been to Big Blue Madness, but imagines what it will feel like

Derek Willis

From the diary at KyKernel.com:  “Last week was a great week for the University of basketball program and me. was picked over and SMU for the Harrison twins college choice. If you don’t know who the Harrison twins are they are the highest ranked guards in the nation for the 2013 class, and in my opinion will go on to play in the whenever they want. They were a great pickup and I’m sure other recruits will soon follow after Big Blue Madness. The recruits experiencing BBM will feel close to a how a rockstar feels when performing a concert; there is truly nothing like it.  Expect to be crazy this year and be sure to welcome the new recruits. Be expecting Julius Randle, Marcus Lee, James Young, the Harrisons and some 2014 recruits. I am very confident that the 2013 class will be one to remember and why UK is the place to be if you want to further yourself in the game of basketball.  This year will be my first year going to BBM and I have no doubt that it will be a good one.”


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