Band of Kentucky ‘brothers’

Anthony Davis, Michale Kidd-Gilchrist and Darius Miller
Anthony Davis, Michale Kidd-Gilchrist and

rookie has a perma-smile, so you judge his mood by the width of his grin.  Asked about ex- teammate Thursday, Kidd-Gilchrist all but glowed.  “My best, best friend,’’ MKG said. “He’s my brother. So close.’’  These two seem inseparable. First they led the Wildcats to the national championship. Then they went first and second in June’s draft, the first pair of college teammates to go 1-2 in NBA history.  So it felt appropriate they should face off in back-to-back exhibitions at the start of their rookie seasons. Davis’ won a home game Tuesday night. The rematch was Thursday at North Charleston Coliseum.


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