Something about the DeMarcus Cousins suspension seems specific to his reputation

DeMarcus Cousins

It’s possible that the decided to suspend Cousins here to set an example for other players’ who may venture onto the court at improper times. And. while we don’t know exactly what Cousins said in his “animated conversation” with Elliott, any threats, violent or otherwise, could compel a suspension without much controversy. But something about this situation seems specific to Cousins’s reputation. In effect, the NBA has decided that these actions were as offensive as the legitimately dangerous elbow to the head thrown by Kings power forward Thomas Robinson on Wednesday, which earned a two-game suspension the next day. Until we learn more specifics, it seems like all Cousins did was find a TV analyst (and former player) who criticized him, voice his displeasure, and make some comments to the media. It was stupid, but not necessarily overly hostile. Does that deserve the same punishment as a vicious elbow?

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