Coach Cal doesn’t want you saying next year’s class is the best ever before they’ve even gotten here

John Calipari - photo by Walter Cornett |
John Calipari – photo by Walter Cornett |

From  “Big Blue Nation, I want you to think about what I’m about to say. I’m hearing all the accolades of an incoming class being the “best ever in the history of the game.” Come on, folks! Why would we do that to this new group of kids?

Let’s just think about the last four years. Our first freshman class helped us win 35 games with a chance to win the national title at the end of the year. We were No. 1 in the country, and those freshmen went No. 1, No. 5, No. 18 and No. 29 in the Draft.

Think about the next year. We had a Final Four run at the end of the year and we were playing as well as any team in the country with freshman guards and and a freshman forward in Terrence Jones. Brandon and went No. 3 and No. 8 in the draft that year, and Terrence and Doron went 18 and 42 the following year.”

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