Starter or not, Patrick Patterson still excels

Patrick Patterson

Rockets forward hoped to play well enough to reclaim his starting position. Instead, he has played so well off the bench that it has become difficult to change his place in the rotation since his return after missing seven games with a bruised right foot.

Patterson continued to come off the bench Saturday after three games in which he made 16 of 20 shots, including six of nine 3-pointers to average 13.7 points along with six rebounds in just 21 minutes per game. He made seven of 13 shots to score 15 points in 26 minutes against Cleveland.

“Patrick is playing very well, but I know that if we bring Patrick off the bench, we can keep his minutes on the floor limited,” coach Kevin McHale said. “I’m concerned with making sure that we don’t overuse him here as he starts getting back.”

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