Harrow grows up in asking for his starting role back

Ryan Harrow - photo by James Crisp | AP
Ryan Harrow – photo by James Crisp | AP

After the worst loss of the era at on Saturday against Tennessee, the Wildcats spent a lot of time talking.  They had team meetings. They had individual meetings with Coach Cal. They even had a players-only meeting. Out of that meeting came a mandate for point guard Ryan Harrow.

“The players had our own meeting and they just was telling me they needed me to be out there to make plays,” Harrow said.

Harrow was coming off – like many of his teammates – a performance he’d rather forget. His scoreless performance at was preceded by another zero the scoring column against Florida. The Harrow who had bounced back from an early-season absence to become one of UK’s more consistent performances had been replaced by a player whom Calipari wasn’t even comfortable with starting in Knoxville, Tenn.

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