Anthony Davis continues to thrive but weight room beckons in the offseason

Anthony Davis

 Coach Monty Williams knows where he wants rookie power forward to be following a brief respite when the regular season ends April 17.

“There are some things I’d love to talk about with A.D., but there are a lot of personal things we’d like to keep in house,” Williams admits. “He’s certainly got to be stronger. This summer he’s going to have to live in the weight room. And he’s going to have to shoot a lot of shots, just to get his shot right. He’s got to get a better understanding of the game.

“Unfortunately, he’s (20) but when you’re in that position, you’ve got to grow up a little bit faster. So we’re going to have to help him with that, and speed up his growth process. We’re going to work on his game all summer. He’s going to get about two weeks off and then he’s going to be here. And we’re going to figure all that out. He’s got enough expectations. For me to say he’s going to do this or that . . . . I know he’s going to be stronger and he’s going to have a better understanding of the game come next year.”

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