Amid tragedy, DeAndre Liggins and Thunder teammates help Oklahomans recover

Deandre Liggins
Deandre Liggins – photo by Walter Cornett |

From .com:  “Janna Ketchie couldn’t find her three-year old and six-month old boys. At long last they did get reunited, and on Tuesday the Thunder visited her and her family at OU Children’s Hospital in City.

A nightmare situation for any mother, Ketchie feared the worst on Monday afternoon when she walked outside in the aftermath of the tornado that devastated Moore. Knowing both of her sons were in a local day care that was destroyed by the storm, Ketchie tried desperately to get any word about the fate of her young children.

“Trying to get a word on if my boys were okay was the hardest thing I’ve ever been through and probably will ever go through,” Ketchie said. “No mother should ever have to go through not knowing where their kids are, if they’re okay and if you’re going to see them again.”

With limited transportation, Ketchie discovered that her children were no longer at the day care, but was delivered a wonderful message – that Grayson, 3, and Brayden, six months, were both at the Children’s hospital. Miraculously Brayden emerged without so much as a scratch, but Grayson sustained some injuries.”

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