John Wall strips down

This is an extended interview from the 2013 The Magazine Body Issue.

What do you like about your body?

JW: I think my best feature are my abs. They’re cut up. Last year, when I was injured, I got overweight and I didn’t like myself because I had a big belly, and that’s not what I want to be. I like to stay in shape, and I like to be fit even when I’m not playing. So I’ve been doing a lot of sit-ups and conditioning to make sure my abs are there. Crunches are my go-to. I do 100 crunches in the morning and at night to get myself going and get my body moving.

If you could change something about your body, what would it be?

JW: I’d want bigger arms. I’m strong, but my arms are skinny; they’re never going to get big and bulky like a player. I’ve gained a lot of weight — I went into college 165, left at 185, and now I’m 210 — but my arms haven’t kept up. But I’m cool with them. As long as I’m getting stronger and preventing injury and able to take hits and finish through contact, they don’t need to be big.

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