Son of Adolph Rupp would prefer Rupp Arena keep it’s name

John Calipari, Joe B. Hall and Herkey Rupp - photo by Andy Lyons | Getty
John Calipari, and Herkey Rupp – photo by Andy Lyons | Getty

On a trip to New York last weekend, Herky Rupp found himself in a crowd. A conversation with a stranger quickly led to the inevitable where-are-you-from?

Answer: Lexington, Kentucky. To which the man said, “Oh, I made a special trip there to see Rupp Arena.”

Recalling the exchange, Herky said, “He didn’t know I was Herky Rupp from Adam. That makes you feel really good.”

That good feeling might get diminished in the next few years. One of the ideas for funding a proposed reinvention of is a sale of the naming rights. Not a surprise that Herky Rupp, the son of basketball founding father Adolph Rupp, prefers the name remain the same as it’s always been: Rupp Arena.

“Absolutely,” he said last week.