Kentucky’s first practice report of 2013-2014 features freakishly athletic Marcus Lee

Marcus Lee

From Eric Lindsey of  “OK, on to some individual observations. The first one goes to the guys I was most impressed with. In fact, let me just say I was a bit stunned. I know was a McDonald’s All-American. I know he was one of the best players in high school last season. But wow, he is an athletic freak. He does some things that make you shake your head in disbelief. I know was here two years ago and made some plays that were hard to believe, and I’m not necessarily comparing Lee to Davis, but the kid possesses some athletic traits that very few people have. He jumps like a pogo stick, runs like a deer, and, despite how thin he is at this moment, throws down dunks with authority.

Among Lee’s many jaw-dropping highlights: He took off from the beyond the free-throw line, took two giant steps (it would have taken me two leaps to make his one step) and tomahawked a dunk so hard that his lower body essentially buckled when he landed. Later, he caught the ball above the square – not just the rim – with one hand and slammed it home effortlessly.”

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