John Calipari shows once again that he is simply genius

John Calipari - photo by Tammie Brown |
John Calipari – photo by Tammie Brown |

From Eamonn Brennan of .com:  “It’s a pretty obvious thing to say, isn’t it? That a Champions Classic game between two of the best four teams in the country — a burly, veteran team on the one hand, and a so-talented-I’m-already-running-out-of-adjectives on the other hand — is going to be good does not require the powers of prognostication. We don’t need to get Miss Cleo on the line. In any other week of November and December, that would be thegame; we’re lucky enough that it will come on the same night, and in the same building, as -Kansas.

But just in case you needed additional proof — I don’t think anyone currently reading fits this characterization, but hey, sometimes you have to take the segue where you can — coach Tom Izzo and coach John Calipari (OK, mostly Calipari) have been happily providing it for days.

It all began back on Sept. 27, at State’s event, when students in attendance tweeted a choice fire ’em up line from Izzo about the team’s practices to date: “We’re working to kick Kentucky’s [butt].”

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