Wildcat Code: In the Kentucky basketball program, everything is earned

Wildcat Code
Wildcat Code

When Ray “Rock” Oliver, a strength coach whose bowling ball physique and bellows would scare a 300-pound man into running a marathon, is growling at you to lift the bench bar higher, you lift it.

If Michael Stone, a jovial academic adviser with a side so menacing that he’s been known to make a player or two leave meetings in tears, tells you to get your academic “stuff” together, you show up to your next tutor session 10 minutes early.

And when John Calipari, the man behind 17 draft picks and 13 first-round selections during the last four years, demands that you work harder, well, you’re going to take it up several notches.

With those three in charge of work ethic and academics, accountability is rarely a problem in the basketball program.

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