Alex Poythress turning into consistent difference maker off the bench

Alex Poythress - photo by Walter Cornett |
Alex Poythress – photo by Walter Cornett |

knew his team would come out the way it did in Tuesday’s game against State.

“I told the staff,” Calipari said. “I said, ‘Let’s just hope it’s not 15-0 and I’ll bet you it gets to 12.’ ”

Coach Cal said he expected his young players to be discombobulated and nervous to play on such a big stage in front of a nationally televised audience in the United Center in Chicago. What he maybe didn’t expect after his inconsistent freshman season is that sophomore would step up yet again and calm the Cats down in his role off the bench.

With each passing game, Coach Cal is finding out more and more that Poythress is becoming more consistent and a game changer.

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