The enigmatic Willie Cauley-Stein quickly emerging as one of the most important players on the team

Willie Cauley-Stein - photo by Walter Cornett |
Willie Cauley-Stein – photo by Walter Cornett |

From  “If you catch him in a postgame interview or maybe just lounging around campus, chances are that you will see wearing a fashionable fedora, cleverly placed askew atop of his burgeoning afro. His ensemble may or may not also include a pair of glasses hanging dangerously on the tip of his nose, a button-up plaid red and black plaid shirt, skinny jeans, and a pair of Chuck Taylor All Star low-tops on his feet. Oh, and one can’t miss the tattoo on his neck that reads “Hakuna Matata”-translated as “No Worries”, thanks to the Lion King- a new addition in the off-season.

If it wasn’t for his height, one might lump him in with the numerous and nameless hipsters that can be spotted at the local (not Starbucks) coffee shop reading Salinger or commenting on the Jazz playing over the sound system.

And this is what sets him apart from your average college basketball player. Off the court he has a nonchalant, slightly dismissive attitude. But, and I’m paraphrasing the great poet Ice Cube, on the court he is as he might mess around and get a triple double. He trades the fedora in for a headband; the plaid shirt for a jersey. The Miles Davis cool dude turns into a stat stuffing machine once the ball is tipped.”

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