After monster performances in Kentucky’s first three games, Alex Poythress’ production has fallen sharply

Alex Poythress - photo by Walter Cornett |
Alex Poythress – photo by Walter Cornett |

looked renewed three games into the season, a player with a new identity and a buzz regenerated in its wake.

He was an offensive rebounding machine; through three games, he had 14 offensive boards and was shooting 70 percent from the field on possessions in which he cleaned up the offensive glass as opposed to the 33 percent he was shooting otherwise.

His renewed sense of self was profiled here on Nov. 14. An excerpt from that piece:

Poythress looks like a completely different player than the passive-at-times star freshman who went from possible No. 1 draft pick in November 2012 to returning bench player by March. Poythress has been one of ’s most valuable players through three games this season, and much of that value comes from offensive rebounding.

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