Alex Poythress is tired of hearing “we are a bunch of individuals and not a team”

Alex Poythress - photo by Walter Cornett |
Alex Poythress – photo by Walter Cornett |

On writes about the celebration of UK’s win over LSU, getting ready for tournament play and his classes:

“As much as we needed to win a close game, I think we needed the boost of a celebration like that more than anything because everybody needs that one moment in the season where you come together. I’m glad we got to show the and everybody to see how much of a family we are and how much we care about each other.

It gets old hearing how we are a bunch of individuals and not a team because, personally, we think we’re a great team. We think we’re coming together and playing well. We think we’re really close as brothers because we hang out all the time. We’re just always hanging with each other in the lodge, in practice, walking to class with each other, seeing movies together, playing pool, playing games, anything. We’re just always with each other.

For me, this season’s been a lot different just because of where we are a team right now. I can remember feeling like every game was the last game of the season for us at this point last year. We haven’t been in that situation so far – which is nice – but sooner or later we’re going to have to start playing like that because once you get into the tournament time every game’s one and done. You’re going to have to play your hardest each and every game, but I feel like this season’s prepared us for that. I feel like we’re ready to take on the challenge. I feel like we’re just trying to better ourselves and just trying to reach our peak.”

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