Pitt assistant coach Barry Rohrssen could land in Lexington

Barry Rohrssen

and are on the prowl for a few staff members and there is a lot of smoke around one particular target in Pitt assistant coach Barry Rohrssen.  So who exactly is Mr. Rohrssen and what would he bring to the Big Blue Nation?

For his coaching career, Rohrssen has been a long time assistant and is known for his recruiting abilities, particularly in opening the New York City pipeline to Pittsburgh.

  • 1999-2006 Pitt Assistant Coach
  • 2006-2011  University Head Coach
  • 2012 – Worked in the Organization
  • 2013 –  Current Pitt Assistant Coach

While his results at were underwhelming, he was able to pull some solid recruiting classes while there.  He was able to beat UConn and for former top 50 recruit Rico Pickett and he was also able to bring in one-time commit Mohammed Koita among others that he should not have bee able to get to Manhattan.

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