Is Andrew Harrison ready to lead a Championship Team?

Andrew Harrison - photo by Walter Cornett |
Andrew Harrison – photo by Walter Cornett |

basketball has every reason to be thinking national championship for its loaded 2014-15 roster, but that doesn’t mean that the Wildcats don’t also have some question marks. One of the most important is Andrew Harrison, who’s coming off a less-than-stellar debut season at the point.

Shabazz Napier’s star turn in the 2014 tournament served as a stark reminder to the Big Blue runners-up: A superstar point guard is the shortest path to a national title. Harrison arrived in Lexington with all the hype of a top-tier floor leader, but the reality didn’t quite measure up.

Like so many freshmen, the 6’6” Texan was wildly erratic for most of the year, fluctuating from one assist to six or five points to 16 in consecutive games at various points. Along with twin brother Aaron, though, he found his footing in the tournament.

Despite his struggles in ’s tournament loss to Florida, Harrison put together six consecutive strong games to help spur the Wildcats’ run to the title game.

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