Would John Calipari have turned down the Cavs if he knew LeBron was coming?

John Calipari - photo by Walter Cornett | WildcatWorld.com
John Calipari – photo by Walter Cornett | WildcatWorld.com

When the reached out to John Calipari, and about their head coaching vacancy this past spring, all three eventually decided the opportunity wasn’t enticing enough for them to leave the stability of their college gigs behind.

It’s fair to wonder if that trio would each still make the same decision today.

LeBron James’ announcement that he is returning to Cleveland instantly makes the Cavs one of the favorites to win the title next year and for the duration of his contract. That makes the role of Cleveland head coach a heck of a lot more appealing now than it was two months ago even if the position now comes with a lot more pressure to win a championship in the first year or two.

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