This Kentucky team could be the deepest college basketball team of all time

Karl Towns - photo by Chet White |
Karl Towns – photo by Chet White |

The Wildcats were always going to be the center of the 2015 Draft universe. With nine former composite five-star recruits and one four-star prospect, the roster is a who’s who of players that have been on the NBA’s radar for a long time. As far as pure NBA draft prospects are concerned, this could be the deepest college basketball team of all time.

No one understands this better than head coach John Calipari. In order to take advantage of the unique situation that he’s in, Calipari decided to put his cavalcade of professional talent on display last Friday. The result was a pro day — featuring no fewer than 90 scouts in attendance — where the players rolled through a set of workouts designed to allow them to succeed.

Beyond the obvious benefits that Calipari will reap from being able to say he’s the only coach to do this, it’s a brilliant idea that simply will keep his players in the news even in the doldrums of the pre-preseason. As every other coach will be jockeying to find new ways to discuss how their potential draft prospects have developed in the offseason, Calipari decided to show his guys off. And because of how many players there are with professional potential, scouts showed up in droves.

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