Family, basketball at center of new Kentucky Wildcat Jamal Murray’s life

Jamal Murray

Doctors say babies begin reacting and relating to their surroundings at the age of 3 months old. It’s a time where they begin interacting with people and smiling for the sheer enjoyment of it. For Jamal Murray, it was the age he first fell in love.

Murray’s father, Roger, placed a basketball in Jamal’s hands at the tender age of 3 months old. And while doctors don’t conduct studies of what this interaction can have on a baby, for Jamal it was the beginning of a relationship that has only grown with time.

For the Kitchener, Ontario, native, it was love at first site. The orange ball with dots all over it may have just been a thing for a young child to play with, but over time that toy became a hobby, and then a passion, and perhaps now an obsession.

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