Mychal Mulder experiences life as a shooter in first outing

Mychal Mulder - photo by Walter Cornett
Mychal Mulder – photo by Walter Cornett

As all shooters know, there are ups and downs throughout practices, games and seasons. Sometimes the hoop looks like it’s the size of the ocean. Sometimes the ball just never feels right.

In his first game at outside of a light session at Big Blue Madness, junior college transfer experienced the ups and downs all in one night. Now, it’s on to the next one for Mulder as prepares for its first exhibition game Monday again Ottawa.

“That’s how shooters are,” junior forward said of his teammate. “It’s hit or miss. That’s one thing that he does really well is that his confidence is so high with his jump shots that it doesn’t matter if it goes in or not, he knows it will eventually go in. That’s what great shooters do.”

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