Claire Dees

Claire Dees
Hometown (Last School)
Oblong, IL
1926-27, 1927-28, 1928-29
August 31, 1908

Legal Name: Claire Henry Dees
Date of Death: February 4, 1966

Graduated in 1929 with a Bachelor of Science in Metallurgical Engineering.  He also received his Masters in Metallurgical Engineering from UK.  Captain of the football team in 1928.  Freshman team football coach in fall of 1929. Sophomore Class President; Senior Class President. President of Lamp and Cross.  Member of Triangle social fraternity for students majoring in engineering, architecture, and the physical, mathematical, biological, and computer sciences.  Member of Omicron Delta Kappa, Honorary Fraternity for Leadership.  Member of the Dicker Engineering Society and President of Norwood Mining Society.

From the January 14, 1927 issue of the Kentucky Kernel, “Of these men Dees has put up the most consistent game this year. His playing has bordered on brilliancy in nearly every game, breaking up the enemy’s offense with a precision like clockwork.”

From the February 18, 1927 edition of the Kentucky Kernel:  “Dees has proved himself by his sterling performance this year, the unexpected luminary of the season in the Wildcat ranks. His play has been consistent and at no time has he allowed the opposition to completely break down his defense.”

From an article about a football matchup versus VMI in the Lexington Leader, November 18, 1928: “(Dees) was a bulwark on the defense. The Cats used a six-man line and Dees was there to fill up any hole that might loom up near him.”

From an article in the Lexington Leader, December 4, 1928:  “Capt Claire Dees was given a clipping from a New York newspaper which stated that he was the only Kentucky man and among a few from the south who was named as a prospect for All-American honors on a list of 278 players selected by 25 football experts as the best players in the country.”

According to the Lexington Leader, December 11, 1928, Dees was chosen to play on the northern squad in the All-Conference football game at Atlanta, but decided he preferred to remain in Lexington and continue practice on the basketball team rather than jeopardize his chances to make the team by going to Atlanta and playing in the game there. Dees had been handicapped in the basketball practice thus far by an Injured ankle, received in the football game against Tennessee game.  He realized that his chances to make the team practically would be lost if he went to Atlanta December 27 when the players report for practice.

Dees married Lucille Short August 27, 1931 in Minneapolis.  He worked for Standard Oil Company at their headquarters in Minneapolis after graduating from college. He worked with Ethyl Corporation for many years but retired from the Central Intelligence Agency. 

He is buried in Chestnut Grove Cemetery in Herndon, Virginia.

Season Games
1926-27 16 12
1927-28 12 1
1928-29 8 0
Total 36 13

Career High Points: 4 – Centre College – 2/12/1927

1928-29 Senior Season

Date Opponent Pts
1/16/1929 Tech 0
1/17/1929 Tennessee 0
2/1/1929 Mississippi A & M 0
2/2/1929 Mississippi A & M 0
2/4/1929 Tulane 0
2/13/1929 Centre College 0
2/23/1929 Mississippi 0
3/2/1929 0
Totals 0


1927-28 Junior Season

Date Opponent Pts
12/16/1927 Clemson 0
1/4/1928 Berea 0
1/9/1928 Centre College 0
1/14/1928 0
1/16/1928 Virginia 0
1/18/1928 Navy 0
1/19/1928 Maryland 1
1/28/1928 Tennessee 0
2/8/1928 0
2/9/1928 Tennessee 0
2/11/1928 Tech 0
2/24/1928 South Carolina 0
Totals 1

1926-27 Sophomore Season

Date Opponent Pts
12/18/1926 Cincinnati 1
12/21/1926 2
12/27/1926 Cincinnati 1
12/31/1926 Princeton 1
1/3/1927 Florida 0
1/10/1927 0
1/15/1927 0
1/21/1927 Tennessee 1
1/22/1927 Tech 0
1/29/1927 Centre College 0
2/1/1927 Georgetown College 1
2/4/1927 Washington & Lee 0
2/7/1927 West Virginia 1
2/11/1927 Mississippi 1
2/12/1927 Centre College 4
2/19/1927 Tennessee 0
Totals 13